Drum roll….. And THIS is why I hate occupy wall street & all the other bullshit hipster progressive socio-political &/or “human rights” activists. You are useful idiots, who have been disinformed.

Its absolutely disgusting to me to treat our Police officers in this manner. Right OWS “Cops are pigs”. That is until YOU get assaulted, YOU get raped or YOUR property is stolen/destroyed by a mob of spoiled, dope smoking, assholes. Then its “please please help officer!”

If you hate it so much here & cannot live by our social codes and civil laws, please move to another country. No ones stopping you. But really you can leave now. I heard Greece & Spain are doing well. …degenerates.

OK rant done sorry. 

A definition for “oldenough2beyourmom”
(1) to be deliberately mislead by the main stream media, and the democratic-socialist obama administration with out knowledge of them doing so. ie. believing you are informed when in fact you have been given false knowledge.

(2) Being a useful idiot for the progression of socialism and the cause of social and moral mediocrity.

(3) Ascribing to the falsehood that collectivism is  solution to all the “evil capitalist ways of the American empire”


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    I am sorry to hear that I am “disinformed.” I can’t find that term in the dictionary, so I assume this aspiring pundit...
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